Rollz Motion 2-in-1 Walker Wheelchair


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  • Go the distance walking, then roll when you want a rest
  • Meets ISO standards as both a walker and wheelchair
  • Designed by Dutch engineers who prioritise exceptional quality and materials
  • 5 year warranty on frame | 2 years on moving parts
  • Award-winning design
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The Rollz Motion convertible walker wheelchair is an award-winning and beautifully designed rollator that converts simply into a wheelchair in seconds. 

  • This unique transformable function gives you options and confidence to go further - walk or ride when it suits you - it's your choice.
  • Innovative and award-winning design - winner of the prestigious Red-Dot design award
  • Superior drum brakes suited to wet and dry conditions
  • Easily folds into a compact and transportable size
  • Strong frame and wheels
  • Curb assist levers added beside each rare wheel, making it easier for people to navigate and push in wheelchair mode.
  • Safe with superior manoeuvrability supported by large wheels and a short wheelbase.
  • Inverted handles to make steering easier on your wrists and this also means you can walk tall, instead of leaning forward
  • Accessories can be purchased in addition to the base unit including a basket for under the seat, cup holder, seat belt, travel cover and more. As you would expect, the wheelchair package and footrests are included in the purchase price.
  • The only convertible walker/wheelchair on the market that meets ISO standards for both a walker and a wheelchair.
  • There are two sizes for the Rollz Motion: Small (50cm seat height) and Regular (55cm seat height). Specifications for these two sizes are in the tab below.
  • The Small size is recommended for someone 1.5-1.85m tall and the Regular size is recommended for someone 1.6-1.9m tall. If you are between 1.6m and 1.85m you could have either size so it comes down to your personal preference on seat height.
  • The handle height is adjustable.
  • The widths of the Small and Regular sizes are the same: 44cm each.
  • The Small size only comes in Island Blue and Matt Black and is not available in Pebble White or Dark Purple.
  • The Rollz Motion will take someone up to 125kg though at the upper end you will need to check the seat width of 45cm is ok. There is no bariatric version.

Rollz Motion Regular

  • Tyres PU
  • Weight 11.6kg
  • Wheelchair attachment weight 3.4kg
  • Max weight capacity 125kg
  • User height 1.6m-1.9m
  • Seat height 55cm
  • Handle height range 87-98 cm
  • Seat size rollator 20cm x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair 42cm x 45cm
  • Overall length 63cm
  • Overall width 67cm
  • Width folded 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter 8 inch
  • Back wheel diameter 12 inch

Rollz Motion Small

  • Tyres PU
  • Weight 11.6kg
  • Wheelchair attachment weight 3.4kg
  • Max weight capacity 125kg
  • User height 1.55m-1.85m
  • Seat height 50cm
  • Handle height range 82-94cm
  • Seat size rollator 20cm x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair 42cm x 45cm
  • Overall length 63cm
  • Overall width 67cm
  • Width folded 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter 8 inch
  • Back wheel diameter 12 inch
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2-in-1 Convertible Walker & Wheelchair

If you are an active person who loves to explore new places, but has trouble walking long distances, then the Rollz Motion could be the answer. With its unique design, this rollator can easily transform into a certified wheelchair in just seconds, allowing you to keep going without worrying about getting tired or stuck along the way. The Rollz Motion convertible walker wheelchair gives you the freedom to move at your own pace.

A woman stands with a 'Rollz Motion' walking frame in a town square with outdoor restaurant seating in the background
A woman sits in a 'Rollz Motion' wheelchair while being pushed along a footpath by her adult son
Lady walks along a street beside shops while using a 'Rollz Motion' walking frame

Stylish and Robust Design

Your safety is a top priority, which is why the Rollz Motion convertible walker and wheelchair has been designed with a sturdy and reliable frame. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures that you can use it safely and comfortably for years to come. Additionally, the Rollz Motion has a stylish and modern design that looks great wherever you go. With its sleek lines and contemporary colour options, the Rollz Motion walker wheelchair is a mobility device that you'll be proud to use.

Easy to fold

The Rollz Motion comes with a removeable wheelchair package, which includes adjustable footrests. It's simple to attach and remove. The Rollz Motion closes smoothly with a scissor-folding action, making it easier to grip and lift into the boot of your car.

A purple 'Rollz Motion' rollator folded, on a white background
The wheelchair package that fits on a 'Rollz Motion' walking frame.


The inverted height-adjustable handles help you to stand upright and closer to the frame, encouraging great posture - you won’t need to lean forward or be hunched when pushing the walker. While joint pain can be an issue when using the traditional rear-facing handles found on most other rollators, the Rollz handles means you steer the walker with the palm of your hand without straining your fingers, wrists or hand joints. And when you turn it into wheelchair mode, the handles simply turn around 180 degrees.

Easy to fold

Designed to fit in the car boot


The logo for the iF Design Award

iF Design Award

In 2012 the Rollz Motion received the iF Award, a prestigious international design recognition, for innovation in the medicine and healthcare category.

The Red Dot Design Award logo

Red Dot Design AWARD

In 2013, Rollz Motion received the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. The Rollz Motion was recognised for its exceptional design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Rollz Motion FAQs

A: In addition to the features that it shares with the Rollz Motion, the Rollz Performance has:

  • Air-filled tyres for a smoother ride on mixed-terrain
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Extra padding in the wheelchair seat and a wedged shaped cushion for comfortable seating
  • Reflective stripes
  • Extra padding in the arm rests and handles to reduce vibration
  • The frame is an eye-catching jungle green.

A: The Rollz Motion has been certified by an international independent testing body, TuV Rheinland, as meeting all of the specs and features claimed by Rollz. They have also certified that the Rollz Motion meets the ISO standard for rollators, and that the wheelchair attachment complies with the ISO standards for a manually propelled wheelchair. 

A: There are two sizes for the Rollz Motion - small and regular. (The Rollz Performance only comes in regular). The width of the regular and the small is the same. The handles are adjustable for height so, unless you are really short or really tall, you can have either the small or regular. The big difference between the two is the seat height - 50cm on the small and 55cm on the regular. The small only comes in Island Blue and Matt Black. The Rollz Motion will take someone up to 125kg though at the upper end you will need to check if the seat width of 45cm is ok. There is no bariatric version.

A: Yes, the handles on the Rollz Motion rollator are height adjustable:

  • The Rollz Motion regular range is 87-98cm range
  • The Rollz Motion Small handle height range is 82-94cm.

Rollz recommends the Small size for people who are 1.5m to 1.85m tall. And they recommend the Rollz Motion Regular size for people 1.6m-1.9m.

You'll see there's a crossover here - if you're in between the two heights and you could have either - then you might want to see what seat height suits you best: 50cm on the Small and 55cm high on the Regular.

A: The inverted handles ensure that you stand a lot closer to the frame and also stand tall.

The inverted handles also means there is less strain on your wrists. Instead of steering with your wrists like you would with traditional walkers, the inverted handles means you steer more with the palms of your hand and naturally use all of your arm with less effort.

Having inverted handled means you won't need to lean forward or be hunched when pushing the walker.

There's an older video here showing this (the Rollz Motion in the video is in one of the older colours) but the concept still remains the same.

A: Yes, the Rollz Motion still has a seat when the wheelchair package is removed. You can also order a back support if you think you'll use it more as a rollator without the wheelchair package, but would like a back support for added comfort in rollator mode

A: At the moment the Rollz Motion is available in Matt Black, Dark Purple, Island Blue and Pebble White.

A: The frame of the Rollz Motion is made from extruded aluminium.

A: The Rollz Motion is designed by Rollz International, BV in the Netherlands. It is the result of significant research and development. In 2012 the Rollz Motion received a Red Dot Award, which is one of the world's most prestigious design awards that has been won by other well-known design oriented companies such as Apple, Bose, BMW and Porsche - hard to get, those Red Dot’s don’t come easy! Rollz oversees the manufacturing of its products in Taiwan by a family-owned company that prides themselves on quality.

A: The Rollz Motion in both rollator and wheelchair form will fit through standard Australian doorways and most Australian door frames. The width of the Rollz is 67cm.

A: The Rollz Motion frame is 11.6kg. The wheelchair attachment is 3.7kg.

More things to consider when talking about weight:

  • Wheelchair mode | 11.6kgs is quite light for a wheelchair. Your normal hospital wheelchair would be around 14kgs.
  • Walker mode | for a walker, you can get lighter walkers, but that's because the Rollz Motion is a heavier rollator to account for added strength and materials for the wheelchair aspect. If you only need a light rollator without the wheelchair conversion, have a look at our other walkers.

A: The Rollz Motion brakes are excellent! The Motion comes with high-quality drum brakes, which means the brake mechanism is inside a drum of the wheel and, when you apply the brakes, the brake expands and slows the wheel down. This is great in wet conditions and offers more peace of mind.

A: Remember the the Rollz Motion frame is 11.6kg (on the heavier side for a rollator, but on the lighter side for a wheelchair). The good news is that Rollz have designed it in a way that it folds in a way to grip it and lift more easily, which is by pivoting the folded chair on its rare wheel and then gripping it the long flat side of the the frame (watch the video above which shows someone doing that with a Rollz Motion Performance).

A: Rollz have designed two 'bag' options that can attach to the Rollz Motion. One is the underseat basket that remains attached in both wheelchair and rollator mode and can fold with the unit. The other is a larger 'Shopper' bag that can attach on the front of the Rollz Motion when it is in rollator mode (it must be removed in wheelchair mode). People also sometimes use the pocket of the Wheelchair package where the footrests go when people are using it as a walker.

A: The Rollz Motion walking frame comes with the seat cushion, wheelchair package, footrests and a 3-in-1 wheelchair package. Any other Rollz Motion accessories purchased in addition to these will be added to the box.

(To be clear, the Rollz Motion does not come with the underseat basket, travel cover, cup holder, back support, tray, locking hook, or additional slow down brakes. These can all be ordered additionally as accessories to be added to the box).

What our customers are saying


With the 2-in-1 design, my Rollz Motion has taken away a huge amount of stress. I no longer need to worry about the big “wheelchair or rollator?” question. It’s a weight off my shoulders to know I can take much-needed breaks without abruptly halting my plans.


Having the Rollz Motion that can convert to a transit wheelchair has been a 'life changer' for me in regaining some independence and peace of mind. Being able to be well-supported whilst walking, or be comfortably pushed if my body can't handle walking, has opened up lots of possibilities that I wouldn't otherwise have, including travelling!.


OMgoodness! The Rollz Motion is amazing. Easy to use, light, great turning circle, the ability to sit whenever I fatigued is a game changer...It’s exactly what I need.


With my new Rollz Motion I am able to walk so much faster, fast enough that my Apple Watch recognised it as exercise, which has never happened before.


The Rollz Motion has allowed me to get out and do so much more! It really is such a clever piece of equipment and is absolutely worth the price tag. I now have options when I leave the house and planning to go out is much more stress free.

See the air-filled tyres version

The Rollz Performance is almost identical to the Rollz Motion except the Performance has more padding, ergonomic handles and seat, air-filled tyres & more...

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