A collage of modern and well-designed walking frames and rollators.



Locomo works with the world's best brands and designers to bring you mobility products that priortise quality, design and function. Our walking frames and wheelchairs are made by globally recognised companies, most of which have won prestigious design awards. These walkers are well tested, certified and used by many people around the world.

the 2-in-1 Walker Wheelchair Experts

Rollz International is based in The Netherlands. Their dedicated designers are specialists in ergonomics, with a mission to keep people moving. Major design-award winners who pride themselves on exceptional quality.

Rollz products

Lightest Walkers in the World

Winners of multiple design awards, byACRE is a Danish company known for innovative rollators that are the lightest in the world. byACRE keep us moving while looking sharp at the same time.

byACRE Products

Our mid-range brand

London-based design company Uplivin are making great walkers while also looking after your pocket.

Uplivin Products


German company Saljol is a proud family-owned business with over 20 years industry experience. They pride themselves on quality.

Saljol Products