A red 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator
A black 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator
A white 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator
A blue 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator
A green 'byACRE Ultralight' rollator
Close up of the black 'byACRE Carbon Fibre Ultralight'
Folded black carbon fibre rollator on a white background
A folded red 'byACRE Carbon Fibre Ultralight' walking frame
A family walk together, with a grandmother using a 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' walker rollator
the byACRE Ultralight walker rollator comes in five colours
The green 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' walking frame on a white background
The blue 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' walking frame on a white background
Close up of the handles and seat of a black 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator.
Premium lightweight rollator in green on white background
Premium lightweight walking frame in red on white background
Premium lightweight mobility aid in blue on white background
byACRE Carbon Ultralight Walker

byACRE Carbon Ultralight Walker


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  • Award-winning design
  • Lightest carbon fibre rollator in the world, only 4.8kgs
  • Easy to fold, grip and lift
  • Hidden brake cables
  • Lifetime warranty on carbon fibre frame | 2 year warranty on all other parts*
  • No assembly required
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If you are looking for a light weight walker, at just 4.8kg, the byACRE Carbon Ultralight walking frame is the lightest carbon fibre rollator in the world! Created using space age technology and the best of Danish design.

  • Soft inverted handles to support posture and comfort and reduce strain on wrists and fingers, hands and joints to make steering easier.
  • Unbeatable in terms of the ease to fold and grip when lifting it into the car or up stairs.
  • Award-winning design providing a slick alternative to the traditional looking walking frame.
  • Brake cables hidden inside the frame for cleaner, less cluttered lines.
  • Shock absorbing frame and tyres made from a PU/rubber mix to reduce vibration.
  • Additional accessories including backrest, weekender bag, organiser bag and cane holder are also available on the online shop.
  • Available in Royal Blue, Carbon Black, Strawberry Red, Oyster White or British Racing Green.

byACRE Ultralight

Regular | Wide Track | Compact

Weight: Regular 4.8kg | Wide Track 4.95kg | Compact 4.8kg
Handle Height: Regular 80-95cm | Wide Track 80-95cm | Compact 79-91cm
Width between handles: Regular min. 38cm | Wide Track min. 43cm | Compact min. 35cm
Seat width: Regular 42cm | Wide Track 47cm | Compact 41cm
Seat height: Regular 61cm | Wide Track 61cm | Compact 56cm
Width: Regular 62.5cm | Wide Track 66.5cm | Compact 61.5cm
Width when folded: Regular 25cm | Wide Track 25cm | Compact 25cm
Length: Regular 66cm | Wide Track 66cm | Compact 66cm


Weight 4.8kg
Handle Height 80-95cm
Width between handles min. 38cm
Seat width 42cm
Seat height 61cm
Width 62.5cm
Width when folded 25cm
Length 66cm

Weight 4.95kg
Handle Height 80-95cm
Width between handles min. 43cm
Seat width 47cm
Seat height 61cm
Width 66.5cm
Width when folded 25cm
Length 66cm

Weight 4.8kg
Handle Height 79-91cm
Width between handles min. 35cm 
Seat width 41cm
Seat height 56cm
Width 61.5cm
Width when folded 25cm
Length 66cm 

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Flyweight at only 4.8kgs

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight walker is not only a lightweight rollator, it is also the lightest carbon fibre walking frame in the world. Weighing only 4.8kg, this walker is a marvel of engineering, combining strength and durability with unmatched lightness. Its carbon fibre frame is incredibly strong and sturdy, yet weighs a fraction of what traditional rollators weigh. This makes the byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator perfect for those who want to maintain their independence without being weighed down.

A woman walks along a platform at a train station using a lightweight walking frame
Close up of the handles of a 'byACRE Ultralight' walking frame

Designed with physios

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight walker is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Its ergonomic features means it fits beautifully into your hand thanks to the contoured grip. Another unique feature is the inverted handles, which allow you to steer much more easily and walk more naturally with an more upright posture. This innovative design also reduces strain on your wrists and hands, making it easier for you to grip and manoeuvre the rollator.

Innovative Frame & smoother ride

The boomerang shape of the Carbon Ultralight doesn't only look sharp by echoing aerodynamic design and hiding the brake cables, but it also reduces vibration - byACRE's designers removed any direct vertical connection from the ground to the handles to soften the ride - pretty clever!

A woman crosses over a bridge in Copenhagen with a 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator.
A man walks past a fountain in a courtyard while using a carbon fibre walking frame

Built To Last

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator is not only lightweight, but also incredibly strong and durable. It is built with a combination of high-quality materials, including a carbon fibre frame and aircraft grade aluminium crossbars, which provide exceptional strength and stability. The carbon fibre frame is super sturdy, yet weighs significantly less than frames made of traditional materials like steel or aluminium.

It's the little things...

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight walker folds with one smooth motion, and is easy to grip and lift to pop in the car or to take on the bus. And once you're on the go, you can still perch - the built-in seat is perfect for a breather. byACRE's designers have also turned their mind to a number of smart accessories including bags and a backrest, which are optional additions (see below).

A woman sits on a 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' walker in a cobble stone court yard
A close up of the white frame of a 'byACRE Carbon Ultraight' rollator

Carbon Ultralight FAQs

A: The key differences between the Ultralight and the Overland are the wheels, weight and length. The Ultralight is 4.8kg and the Overland is 6.7kg. The Ultralight has PU/rubber mix wheels whilst the Overland has pneumatic air-filled tyres. The Ultralight is 66cm long and the Overland is 73cm. Both the Ultralight and Overland handles have a height range of 82 - 95cm. So, the Overland is a slightly larger piece of kit designed for more mixed terrain. The Ultralight is smaller, designed for urban and indoor environments. Both are very portable and both look great.

A: The inverted handles encourage you to stand more upright and closer to the frame and this encourages good posture. Joint pain can be an issue with traditional shaped handles but the ergonmically shaped byACRE handles mean you steer the walker with the palm of your hand rather than using your finger, wrist and hand joints.

A: The byACRE Carbon Ultralight is certified to meet ISO 11199-2:2005  

A: The Ultralight is available in Strawberry Red, Oyster White, Carbon Black, British Racing Green and Royal Blue.

A: There are three sizes - Compact, Regular and Wide Track. Specifications are above (see specifications drop down) but essentially the Compact is for people or adolescents who need a seat that is closer to the ground:

  • The main difference between the regular and the Compact is the seat height (56cm on the Compact and 61cm on the Regular).
  • The main difference between the regular and Wide Track is the seat width (42cm on the Regular and 47cm on the Wide Track. The seat height is the same on both of these at 61cm).
  • Some people prefer a wider seat for comfort.

A: The frame is made from carbon fibre. The other parts are made from plastic and aluminium. The wheels are made from a PU/rubber mix and are slightly soft to touch.

A: The byACRE Carbon Ultralight is designed by byACRE APS in Denmark. In 2019 the byACRE Ultralight received a Red Dot Award, which is one of the world's most prestigious design awards that has been won by other well-known design oriented companies such as Apple, Bose, BMW and Porsche. byACRE oversees the manufacturing of its products in their Xiamen factory using the very best materials and construction methods. The factory specialises in the production of high quality healthcare equipment.

A: Yes. The Ultralight is so compact it will fit into even the smallest boot.

A: The walking frame and a locking tag, which holds the frame closed when it's folded. Any accessories purchased in addition to the walking frame will be added to the box.



"I purchased a byACRE walker for my mum last year. She loves it and so does everyone else."

The blue 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' walking frame on a white background
Brisbane, QLD

"I love my Ultralight walker and often get asked where did I get it and how light it is. It comes highly recommended to all who enquire!"

The green 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' walking frame on a white background
Narrabeen, NSW

“I just love my ‘Gucci / Ferrari’ red byACRE Ultralight walker! Taxi drivers always comment on how light it is.”

A red 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator
Mount Claremont, WA

“People really notice and comment on the byACRE: people who would normally see an older woman with a walker as invisible. This is directly because of its design. Apart from giving me a much broader sense of freedom and mobility, it also makes me visible and respected as someone with a cool & hip bit of kit. And that’s rare for a woman of my age!"

An elderly woman sits on a walking frame while singing in a town square
Petersham, NSW

"Mine has been to France and Germany with me and was of great help during the excursions!"

A white 'byACRE Carbon Ultralight' rollator
Sydney, NSW

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