Rollz Rhythm walking frame and a smart phone
Rollz Motion Rhythm walker with laser and cue control
Rollz Motion matt black rollator
Rollz Rhythm rollator from the back
Rollz Rhythm rollator folded
Close up of Rollz Rhythm rollator control
Close up of Rollz Rhythm rollator handles
Close up of the handles on a 'Rollz Rhythm'
Close up of Rollz Rhythm rollator control
A woman stands outside a fashion shop with a 'Rollz Motion Parkinsons' walking frame
A woman walks along a footpath with the 'Rollz Motion Rhythm' walking frame with apartments in the background
A woman with Parkinson's Disease walks along a path using the 'Rollz Rhythm' walking frame with trees and grass in the background
A woman who has Parkinson's Disease stands on a bridge looking at a stream while using a 'Rollz Motion' walking frame.
A woman sits on a walking frame on a bridge with a canal in the background
Rollz Rhythm with smart phone and icons
Rollz Rhythm rollator laser
Rollz Rhythm - the Parkinson's walker

Rollz Rhythm - the Parkinson's walker


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  • Specifically designed for users with Parkinson’s
  • Adjustable cues for people who experience freezing or a disrupted walking pattern
  • Bluetooth connectivity for headphones
  • Folds for easier transporting
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The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a walker with three cues that can be customised. This walker is expertly designed for people with Parkinson's who experience freezing or a disrupted walking pattern.

The laser line prompts you to start a movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support your walking rhythm. To start a cue, simply press the button on the handle.
Brand new in Autumn 2021, the Rollz Motion Rhythm is a walker with three cues for people with Parkinson's who experience freezing or a disrupted walking pattern. The laser line prompts the user to start a movement, while the metronome and the vibration in the handles support the walking rhythm.

Features of the Rhythm Parkinson's walker include:

  • Easily adjustable cues that enables you to tailor the cues to suit what works best. You can have 1 of 3, 2 of 3 or all three cues selected, and you can adjust the rhythm and pattern of each one. You can set the cues to run for 8 beats, 16 beats, 32 beats, or continuously.
  • The audio cue and tactile cue can also be set to run through your smartphone and bluetooth headphones for discreet prompts.
  • Bright, easy to see green laser line.
  • Large wheels and shorter than average wheelbase which makes it very easy to steer.
  • Inverted and ergonomic handles which reduces pressure on finger and wrists joints.
  • Folds easily for transport.

Ability to add-on:

  • Slow down brakes to create more resistance in the wheel when using it as a walker.
  • Wheelchair package to enable you to easily convert it to a wheelchair whilst out and about.
  • Any of the other Rollz Motion accessories.

For initial set-up we encourage you to work with your physiotherapist or occupational therapist to find the cues that work best for you.

Specifications - Rollz Rhythm

  • Rollator weight: 11.6kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 125kg
  • User height: 1.60m – 1.90m
  • Seat height: 55cm
  • Handle height range: 87–98cm
  • Seat size rollator: 20 x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair: 42 x 45cm
  • Overall width: 67cm
  • Overall length: 63cm
  • Width folded: 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter: 8 inch
  • Rear wheel diameter: 12 inch
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Parkinson's disease can make it challenging to maintain balance and walk with ease. The Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator is designed to help individuals with Parkinson's disease improve their mobility and remain independent. One of the unique features of the Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator is its cues to help your walking.

Three adjustable cues gives you the option of multiple combinations. Each cue can be adjusted to your preference, combined in different ways or deactivated altogether, giving you complete control.

an icon indicating audio


An audio metronome signals the preferred step frequency. The acoustic rhythm contributes to regulating the walking speed.

An icon indicating a laser.


A bright green laser line is projected onto the ground to stimulate breaking a freeze and improve the stride's length and walking speed.

an icon indicating vibration


Handles vibrate at the rhythm of the pace. A big advantage of this tactile cue is that it is not noticeable to surrounding people.

These three cues work in harmony to provide a multi-sensory aid for individuals with Parkinson's disease while walking with the Rollz Rhythm rollator. The audio, vibration, and laser cues all work together to enhance balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and increasing confidence.


A hand holds a smart phone that displays an app that controls the cues for the Rollz Motion Rhythm, which is a walker for people with Parkinson's Disease. The walker in blurred in the background.

Helps prevent habituation

The cues can be personalised even more with the Rollz app. Some people might find they stop responding to the same repeating cues due to prolonged exposure to those stimuli. As a countermeasure, the three cues can be mixed via the app to create a new random pattern. The variation and unpredictability prevents habituation.

The app for the Parkinson rollator is available for free on Android and iOS and is very easy to use.

A 'Rollz Motion' Parkinson Disease walker with a diagram that explains what 'cues' can be selected on the walking frame.

Advanced and smart cue control

Besides changing the speed and cue combination, which can also be done on the Parkinson rollator itself, the app allows you to change the intensity, duration and predictability of the cues as well. These variables can be easily adapted to the user’s preferences.

You can choose to tweak the settings based on their own experience, or in accordance with their rehabilitation program. An OT or physiotherapist can also help adjust the settings to match your personal training goals.

A man with Parkinson's Disease walks along a footpath with a 'Rollz Motion Rhythm' rollator , with trees and a canal in the background.

Synchronize it to your smartphone

The app can be used to give the cues in sync with the rollator. While wirelessly connected to the Rollz Motion Rhythm, the smartphone can vibrate and/or play the metronome along with the Parkinson rollator to increase the intensity of the cue.

The cues can be played solely on the smartphone as well. This enables to plug in earphones and to hear the metronome more privately. The user’s surroundings will not notice that cueing is on when this feature is used.

Rollz Motion walking frame on blue background

What is in the box?

  • A one rollator
  • B one module that gives you control of the cues
  • C one seat basket to carry your items
  • D the seat cushion

Additional accessories can be added including wheelchair package, footrests, slow down brakes and any of the Rollz Motion accessories.


A: The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a rollator walker for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases. The three cues (vibration, metronome, and laser line) can trigger a walking rhythm or can start a walking movement.

A: The three cues on the Parkinson rollator walker can be combined in different ways and (de)activated on the go. This allows you to always have the right cue at the right moment. Each cue can be adjusted to fit your needs in terms of speed, intensity, and duration. This way, any person living with Parkinson’s disease can use it in their own rhythm.

A: The Rollz Motion Rhythm weighs 11.6 kg.

A: The maximum weight capacity is 125kgs and only for one person to sit on. Rollz International cannot guarantee safety when there is more than one person sitting on the seat.

A: The Rollz Rhythm is designed by Rollz International, BV in the Netherlands. It is the result of significant research and development. Rollz has received a number of awards for the Rollz Motion design including 2012 Red Dot Award, which is one of the world's most prestigious design awards that has been won by other well-known design oriented companies such as Apple, Bose, BMW and Porsche. Rollz oversees the manufacturing of its products in Taiwan by a family owned company that pride themselves on quality.

A: The frame of the Rollz Performance is made from extruded aluminium.

A: The inverted handles ensure that you stand a lot closer to the frame and also stand tall.

The inverted handles also means there is less strain on your wrists. Instead of steering with your wrists like you would with traditional walkers, the inverted handles means you steer more with the palms of your hand and naturally use all of your arm with less effort.

Having inverted handled means you won't need to lean forward or be hunched when pushing the walker.

There's an older video here showing this (the Rollz Motion in the video is in one of the older colours) but the concept still remains the same.

A: Yes, the handles on the Rollz Rhythm rollator is height adjustable with a range of 87-98cm.

A: This is possible if you buy the wheelchair package as an accessory. With this package you can transform the Parkinson rollator walker into a wheelchair, and you can sit down while somebody pushes it.

A: Yes. Just like the Rollz Motion and the Performance, The Rollz Rhythm can easily fold together in one seamless motion, making it easy to pop in the car.

A: No. As people with Parkinson's are usually looking to use this as a rollator to walk, the Wheelchair Package is not included. Rollz have also made it this way to help keep the cost down, as it is already more expensive than their other models due to the electronics. If you do want the wheelchair package to add on, it must be ordered as an accessory and will be added to the box. Contact us if you would like to do this.

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